I can’t believe it’s already been 5 weeks since I launched my blog!

April was a very intense month. Something happened that made me reevaluate everything in my life. Whilst doing so, I realized how important this project is because I’m doing something I’m passionate about and sharing with people (YOU!) who enjoy doing the same things.


Learned how to use Twitter and made some friends through the process.
Got 100+ followers on Twitter!! WOOT WOOT
Bought a new camera so I can take pretty photos.
Began planning my ultimate “stamp retrieving” project : “Reliving my Days in Paris”


When I first started this blog, I was told that it is a very time consuming hobby. And it really is. Trying to find time to produce quality posts while juggling a full-time job is definitely the biggest challenge I’ve had the past month. I’m learning to carve out time blocks in my weekly schedule just for the blog.


My first trip to Elephant Trunk Hill

My first trip to Elephant Trunk Hill

My first ever international flight!
This was an amazing experience because I got to interview my parents about what went down. Definitely learned a lot more than just the flight. My mom told me about the fears and struggles she had during our move to U.S., which is a story I’ve never heard of. Knowing what my parents had to sacrifice to move here with the hopes to give me a better life is something I’ll forever be grateful for.

My first trip ever!
This was definitely a mind blowing moment! And this is why I started this blog. I’ve always wanted to go to Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin, China and finding out that I’ve already been there is surreal! When I was looking through old pics with my dad and saw that picture, I had chills!


This is MOI in the court yard of my home in Paris in 2006.

This is MOI in the court yard of my home in Paris in 2006.

Paris! 10 years ago I went to Paris for a study abroad program. The months I spent there is definitely one of the best times of my life. I’m currently planning a trip back to relive my days in Paris with my roommate in Paris. We spent a Friday night going through all these photos and videos we took. We wrote down the places that we must revisit. In 2 months, we’ll be there! Can’t wait to share it with everyone.


This is the category that I LOATHE. Someday…. I’ll go back to these places and RECREATE a memory.
Vancouver, Canada

See you next month!

Have you lost any travel memories? How did you track it if you don’t have photos or journals? Do you have somewhere you want help tracking? Let’s chat!

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