Welcome to Retracing My Stamps!

Hello! My name is Liz. I am 32. I’ve been to… many countries? We’ll find out how many once we go through all the stamps in my passports.1907583_10101365535707408_6130536329727131295_n

Traveling is my passion. I have a full-time job with limited vacation days – so I get through the days by planning my next travel and survive the nights by dreaming about my previous trips.

There are 3 cities that I consider the best in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – (do not argue this with me…it WILL NOT BE PRETTY):

  • Hong Kong – where I grew up
  • San Francisco – where I live now
  • Paris – where I regret every day for not staying longer …and because it’s PARIS!

A few years back I promised myself that I must visit 1-2 new city/state/country per year. I am proud to have kept this promise so far and I have no intention to EVER break this promise.

Me at the Secret Beach of Kauai, HI in 2012

Me at the Secret Beach of Kauai, HI in 2012


FIRST secret I am going to share with you all – “I am addicted to travel and food blogs”

I find travel blogs enjoyable, informational, and inspirational. But every time I read someone else’s experience, I can’t help but feel envious (and sad) that  never documented any of MY adventures.

And as the years pass, whenever I’m sharing my travel stories with others, I often find myself struggling to recall the tiny details of those magical moments I spent around the world. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

So one day, while I was planning my “Relive my Paris Days – 10 Year Reunion Trip”, I came up with a master plan [insert evil laugh here] – to go through ALL my stamps in my passports and RETRACE my travel steps.

Now most of these travels happened BEFORE the amazing invention of smartphones and social media. No check-ins. No hashtags. No status updates. Just me and my HORRIBLE memory. Which is why I am here, asking you all to help me out, and piece my travel life back together!

Thank you in advance for helping me bring back these memories that I so deeply treasure. In return, I will share as many travel tips as I can and will buy you a drink when we are in the same city. [Currently in San Francisco, CA]

Spending a beautiful sunny day on Treasure Island.

Spending a beautiful sunny day on Treasure Island.

Do you have any blank spaces in your travels? Is there that place in Paris, near Louis Blanc metro station, that serves the most amazing crepes that you’re trying to find again? Let’s chat! Maybe we’ll piece everything back together TOGETHER!

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